Esoterism-An Overview

He-Her will not just understand but will comprehend what Esoterism is. Humans are the so called athanor , The human being is the universal “Athanor”, the alchemic vase in which the initiatic transmutation occurs.378px-Seven_governors

The aim of the Initiatic Science is to understand the Being and not to accumulate information. Understanding our mind means to understand our Project as well as understanding our soul means comprehend the Universe that reflects in. Understanding our subtle conscience means to meet the image of God. The Kundalini rises and you feel the presence of unconditional love.

Something is different in this moment; you are awakened. Yes, something is different. Something is different because you are experiencing spiritual transformation and Kundalini awakening (also known as true serpent power). This often times happens when we are enlightened with esoteric wisdom. When we awaken to esoteric wisdom, we are experiencing enlightenment.

images (4)This insightful wisdom has life-changing power when we allow it to work through us for spiritual transformation. It so powerful that we can reach a Kundalini state which releases serpent power. Esoteric readers are professionals and there are many people who deal with this kind of projects

Esoterism- An Intro

Many of us may thinkcosmology-clockwork as a philosophy, but the fact is that esoterism is not philosophy but it is actually a method of research and it is a way to life or way of life.

The word Esoterism is been derived from the Greek word esoterikos which means to look inside. Inside what? Inside symbols, hermetic concepts, initiatic teachings, ritual representations, in order to find all the hidden meanings beyond images and words.

The initiation of this starts from the quest from within one self. Human beings are the most wonderful creations of god and the humans are the most meaningful symbol and they are the most secret book of humanity.  There are many people who are involved in the study and research of Esoterism and they are called as esoterologist.

For the “esoterologist” the bigger book is the history of the human religious and initiatic traditions, without borderlines between West and East. The most refined goal of any researcheserpentine_elementals_by_esoteric_artr is that to recover the ancient mysteries and to find the keys to understand them.

For them this is a cultural matter, but for the Initiate this is experience: the Initiate wants to live accordingly with the teachings that are inside symbols, rites and words and only this way.